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Thought it was about time I showed my face again 🙂

Progress so far this year –


A nice row of spuds, growing like crazy at the moment.

Broad Beans

Broad beans looking a bit stunned by the windy conditions they’ve been suddenly exposed to after being coddled in the mini greenhouse.

Strawbini & marigold seedlings

The marigolds are those small orange things that slugs love and I’m not keen on. It was an old pack that could well have produced nothing at all, but instead, it chose to produce lots of marigold seedlings. Oh well, the slugs will sort them out 😉

The larger tray at the back are the incredible strawbini fruit/veg combo things. I’m all agog to see what they turn out like.

Cucumbers etcHere we have 2 cucumber plants (I planted 6 but only 2 germinated), some Lobjoits Green Cos (about which more anon) and 4 sugar snap peas.

The Lobjoits were, as you can see, doing well – until last night when an enterprising snail nommed all but 4 of them. It had concealed itself in the tray which is put out in the summerhouse during the day, then when night fell, the snail feasted. Very clever but also annoying.


One of the 4 strawberry plants, the others are in hanging baskets. They all have flowers on I’m pleased to say.

Gooseberry bushes

Now big enough to warrant the use of the term ‘bush’, the goosgogs are looking strong and healthy. The big question being will they produce any berries this year? None last year but then they were pretty small and spindly so I didn’t really expect any.

Got some ‘cut and come again’ lettuce just germinated, some climbing french beans, a few mini sweetcorn, lots of tomatoes (I don’t believe it’s possible to have too many tomatoes) and yesterday I planted some carrots and sunflowers. All I need now is a summer.


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