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Look look a bean!

At last a real broad bean pod! Having had to move the plants back to where they started because there were no bees going anywhere near them, and after the first lot of flowers dropped off leaving a distinct lack of bean pods, at last there are bees all over them and the first pods are forming. Thought we were going to have to write them off but no. Here it is…..

It’s not nearly as impressive as it looks in the pic btw, the camera is lying.

The leeks seemed to like the recent rainy spell, they have started to grow and look quite leek like now.

Plant of the moment though is the Silybum. Growing so fast you could sit and watch them, and so handsome. Delightful.


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Every lettuce is gone. Many baby toms are gone. Most of the cukes are gone. There is no point extending my garden until I have found a solution. I am surrounded by lush wet pasture and there are zillions of em. Copper did nothing. I’m thinking electric fence.

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Here it is

I had to move the Roma tomatoes into bigger pots, but not too big so they’d still fit in the greenhouse. Can’t put them out into the summer house yet, not with this wind and there is a massive leak at the back that fills pots up with rainwater. To be fixed asap.

And here are the courgettes in bubblewrap jackets. They had to be potted on today and there was just enough space in a non-leaky area of the summerhouse. The jackets are to keep them cosy on their first night out.

Those are the purple podded peas at the front.

None of the helianthus made it through the cold spell, they just didn’t germinate at all. Probably too late now but I still have the winter flowering ones to look forward to.

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Fink I need a greenhouse or a polytunnel or something. Outdoor growing at 600 exposed feet needs a plan and I have not got a decent one. Most of my plants are still soldiering on but they sure could do with a proper foxhole.

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Yes I can confirm the lettuce doesn’t just look good but tastes good too. It’s going to be a while before the rest of the salad comes fresh from the garden though.

I planted the sweetcorn out 2 days ago and was expecting them to stop growing in disgust at having their roots disturbed (that’s what the book said would happen) but no, they’ve grown like crazy. The fact that it was warm and sunny must have cheered them up.

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Couple of days back I decided to overnight my some of seedlings in the garage instead of the house. It was not a good idea. Growth has near halted, some look week and quite a few have gone down. Warmth is what they wanted. Still got plenty left but the cukes fared badly as did some of the more delicate toms. At least my nasturtiums are up. Took their time but nice to see them. Lets see if I can keep them alive. Thrive is what I wanted. Obviously I need to figure out survive first.

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First tomato

Not from one of my seedlings but it will be my tomato.

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